Integral Logistics (Lotus) has nearly a dozen new products for this year’s IPCPR Trade Show & Convention.

While the company isn’t likely to reveal what exactly its new products looks like until closer to the mid-July show, it has indicated what’s planned for its eponymous Lotus line, Black Label and value-oriented Vertigo line-up.

For Lotus, there are two products planned:

  • The Duke ($69.95) — A triple-flame lighter with a built-in 64 ring gauge stainless steel cutter. Available in four finishes
  • The Sable ($49.95) — A twin-flame lighter with a 10mm punch. Available in four finishes and shipping in September.

Lotus Sable colors

For the company’s Black label line, three products are planned:

  • Sotheby ($29.95) — A triple-flame lighter with a 9mm punch and a slide action.
  • Czar ($59.95) — A quadruple-flame lighter with built-in 9mm punch. Available in four colors and shipping in August.

Lotus Czar Colors

  • Dominator ($69.95) — A table lighter with four torch flames, fold out cigar scissors and two integrated cigar punches. Available in three finishes and shipping in August.

Lotus Dominator colors

  • Condor ($29.95) — A pipe lighter with a fold-out tamper and shovel.

Vertigo has six lighters planned:

  • Equalizer — A quad-torch lighter with a cigar punch.
  • Sycthe Grater — A traditional lighter with a slide-out grater.
  • Beer Buddy — A single-flame torch with a built-in bottle opener.
  • Venom 2 — A triple-flame lighter with a clear fuel tank.
  • Stinger — A triple-flame lighter with a clear fuel tank.
  • Elegance — A single torch lighter in metal housing.

In addition, the company plans on introducing three new collection for its pocket Zippo lighter family: Vegas Collection, Graveyard Collection and Cantonese Collection.

Update (July 27, 2015) — Added information on the Black Label Dominator, pictures and select shipping information. This story was originally published on June 19.

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