While there was chatter that JetLine had a pair of new v-cutters on hand at the recent IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, they weren’t quite official enough to be talked about, let alone photographed or written about. Now, they are.

Next month the company is planning on releasing the two new items, and while they look alike, there is a notable difference between them, though it has nothing to do with the v-cutter itself.

Instead, it’s in how a built-in punch cutter functions. The JetLine Gemini has a foldout punch cutter, while the Leo has a punch that unscrews from the base, separating it from the body for more control while in use.

Both models feature a push-button release to open up the cutter, with a pair of supportive rails to keep the cutter on track as it is pressed into the head of a cigar. A company representative acknowledged that it’s not the deepest cut on the market, but said it does a more than adequate job for fans of that style of cut.

The company is offering both versions in the same three color options: red with black, brushed rose gold with black, and brushed chrome with black.

Each has an MSRP of $70 and is scheduled to arrive at retailers in August.

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