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PCA 2022: Tabanero Cigars

After being in business for just over a decade in Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood, Tabanero Cigars makes its PCA debut this year with a new size in its premium line.

PCA 2022: Nomos Cigars

This is the first PCA Convention & Trade Show for Nomos Cigars, and the company was showing off its Nomos toro that was released last year while also concentrating on meeting with new and existing retail accounts.

PCA 2022: NeverAsh

NeverAsh is exhibiting for the first year, bringing with them five blends each in a single vitola.

PCA 2022: La Flor Dominicana

La Flor Dominicana is showing off a few different items as part of the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, including a new cigar blended by Litto Gomez’s youngest son, Litto Jr. various Ashtronomy ashtrays and an NFT release named Golden Bull.

PCA 2022: S.T.Dupont

This year marks S.T.Dupont’s 150th anniversary. There are almost 150 new items.

PCA 2022: Nova Cigar

Nova Cigar is sporting an all-new booth for this year’s PCA Convention & Trade Show while showing off two new cigars as well as an accessory line from company ceo Leonor “Leo” Abzaradel.

PCA 2022: Bellatto Premium Cigars

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Tony Bellatto’s La Barba brand, so he’s celebrated by shutting it down and starting a new company called Bellatto Premium Cigars. It marks a new era for Bellatto and it comes with a variety of new lines. Also, there’s new items from Lost&Found, which is also going through a major transition.

PCA 2022: Dapper Cigar Co.

Dapper Cigar Co. has plenty of new offerings this year, including a blend from Raul Disla, a new size in the El Borracho lines and a new budget cigar that pays homage to Ian Reith’s father and grandfather.

PCA 2022: CigarMedics

CigarMedics is showing off three new items during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, including an updated version of its HumidiMeter, a new nubbing tool and a cigar cutter that uses a unique method of cutting into the caps of cigars.

PCA 2022: DBL Cigars

DBL Cigars founder Francisco Almonte was excited to talk about the new release from the company, El Final, along with some projects within the company to care for its employees.

PCA 2022: Stick The Stick

Stick The Stick returns for the second year at the PCA Convention and Trade Show.