PCA 2022: Howard G Cigars

Howard G Cigars has a number of new products to show off during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, including new vitolas for the Leon Searcy 72 and Ike Taylor’s 10FAHKINE brands as well as two new wrapper options for its Black Moses and Magic Stick lines.

PCA 2022: Lotus Group/Vertigo

The company has an updated booth and a number of new cigar accessories that are ready to head to store shelves.

PCA 2022: 7-20-4

7-20-4 is back this year with a new sales director and a new PCA exclusive.

PCA 2022: Gran Habano

George Rico, owner of Gran Habano, talks to us about the new anniversary cigar debuting at the show. He also teased an upcoming release that has most of the information finalized, with a few important details that weren’t quite ready to be announced.

PCA 2022: Aroma de Nicaragua

This is Aroma de Nicaragua’s second year exhibiting at the PCA Convention & Trade Show, and the company has brought two new lines to show off: one is a recreation of a cigar that the company’s founder’s grandfather smoked in Cuba, while the other is a series incorporating tobacco that has been aged for six years.

PCA 2022: Rabbit Air

Rabbit Air returns this year after having to miss the 2021 PCA Convention and Trade Show due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PCA 2022: The Cigar Ashtray

No surprise from the name: The Cigar Ashtray is a company producing a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of cigar ashtrays out of CNC machined aluminum billets.

PCA 2022: Dissident

Cynn and Joshua Coburn attended their first PCA show as brand owners and brought with them a PCA exclusive limited edition cigar, the first new cigar to be released under the Dissident name since buying the brand at the end of 2021.

PCA 2022: Xhaxhi Bobi

Don’t let the word “Xhaxhi” scare you off, you can just call him Bob.

PCA 2022: Bosquet Paris

I wish I knew more about Bosquet Paris, but at least I got some pretty pictures.

PCA 2022: CLE Cigar Co.

CLE Cigar Co. might not have had all their products at the show due to shipping delays, but there was still plenty of new things on their plate to talk about — a new PCA Exclusive, sizes, packaging and a special celebratory cigar you probably won’t be able to get anywhere.