IPCPR 2019: RH Stayfresh


One of the companies I really wanted to check out at IPCPR 2019 was RH Stayfresh, a new company with experience in the cannabis space selling humidity packets designed to compete with Boveda. While Boveda has dominated the cigar market, in cannabis it has a lot more competition and it’s interesting to see these companies and their products crossing over.

There are two main selling points for RH Stayfresh over Boveda. First, the company claims that its foil-based technology emits no salt. Second, the company includes a small card that can be used to measure relative humidity to show if the device is working. From there, it claims to do many of the same things as a Boveda pack: two-way humidification, a small form factor and nearly identical sizes and moisture levels. RH Stayfresh would also point out that its products don’t have a risk of leaking, which I guess is a concern though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Boveda pack split open except when I took scissors to one a few years ago.

I’m curious to test the products to see how well they work though I’m a bit skeptical about the overall success of this product at its current pricing, which is $1 more for the 63g RH Stayfresh pack ($4.99) compared to the standard 60g Boveda pack ($3.99).

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