IPCPR 2019: Cigar Companion Concepts


While the company name may be slightly vague on what they produce, once you see The Best Cigar Pal it’s apparent to those that are familiar with cigar holders used on the golf course.

While it would take you days to list off the various manufacturers for cutters, lighters, humidors and various other cigar accessories, the list of companies that make cigar holders specifically designed for use on the golf course is a much shorter list. That’s not to say that there isn’t a large number of people trying to sell what they believe to be the answer to managing a cigar on the golf course. Enter Cigar Companion Concepts with the holder they call The Best Cigar Pal. Owners William Huang and Stephen Marconi were manning their booth on a main aisle with good visibility and had plenty of people stopping to check out their first year presenting their product at the show.

The Best Cigar Pal

The Best Cigar Pal is Huang and Marconi’s answer to what they believe is a better and more useful cigar holder for the golf course. The idea was most cigar holders were either meant to attach to your bag or the golf cart, meaning if you want your cigar in your holder, it’s nowhere near you when you’re out of the cart. If you do take it with you, that leaves you to either hold your cigar in your mouth while swinging—which most golfers know is annoying and distracting—or throwing it on the ground to get dirty or wet. The holders you can take with you that stick in the ground usually have designs that pinch the end of the cigar quite harshly, potentially damaging the wrapper in the process.

The Best Cigar Pal is designed to be taken with you, stuck in the ground while you’re swinging and has a rounded section that is easier on the cigar’s wrapper. In addition, it can be used to repair ball marks on the green, clean the grooves on your irons, or it can be used to prop your putter up when placed on the ground to keep the grip dry. There are two versions of The Best Cigar Pal, one without a ball marker and one with. Additionally, the logos on both versions can be customized to be used for company giveaways or tournament sponsors that want their logo on some merchandise.

  • The Best Cigar Pal — $15
  • The Best Cigar Pal with Ball Marker — $20

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