Founded in 2013 by Francisco Almonte, who was introduced to tobacco by his father—a former roller for Arturo Fuente—Dominican Big Leaguer Cigars introduced two new cigars at the IPCPR show this year, one of which celebrates the more than three decades Almonte has been in the tobacco business.

Although he started in the tobacco business when he was seven years old—deveining tobacco leaves and rolling cheroots—Almonte worked under Carlos Fuente Sr. and was general manager at La Flor Dominicana before starting his own company. Dominican Big Leaguer Cigars employees more than 75 people and now encompasses a tobacco farm, cigar factory and cigar box factory.

Dominican Big Leaguer Derrame III

The third installment in the Derrame Series features boxes of 49 cigars, each of which contains 40 box-pressed versions and nine round cigars. In addition, every box serves as a humidor and includes a lock and key, hygrometer, cutter and lighter.

  • Wrapper: Mexico (San Andrés)
  • Binder: Ecuador
  • Filler: Dominican Republic


  • Dominican Big Leaguer Derrame III (6 1/4 x 56) — $9.60 (Boxes of 49, $470.40)

Production: 500 Boxes of 49 Cigars (24,5000 Total Cigars)

Launch Date: August 2018

Dominican Big Leaguer 35th Anniversary

As the name indicates, the Dominican Big Leaguer 35th Anniversary commemorates Almonte’s 35 years in the cigar industry.

  • Wrapper: Ecuador (Cameroon-seed Sun Grown)
  • Binder: Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Dominican Republic


  • Dominican Big Leaguer 35th Anniversary (6 x 56) — $9.60 (Boxes of 30, $288)

Production: 500 Boxes of 30 Cigars (15,000 Total Cigars)

Launch Date: August 2018

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