Rabbit Air’s booth was the same this year, but it’s such a cool booth that who would want to change it?

The display along with the stools are all honey-combed paper, that not only holds up to their heavy products, but creates a nice diffused glow when the lights are turned on underneath the display. Also, they were right on an aisle, allowing people to walk by and when they recognized what it was, exclaim about how amazing a product it was, then stopping and showing their friends how they can blow smoke directly into the intake with none coming out the other end.

Minus A2
On display again was their Minus A2 model, this time with some branded artwork on it.

BioGS 2.0 Tone
Also on display was their BioGS 2.0 model, and while that wasn’t the new product, the Tone version of it is. With the exposed middle part of the machine colored either blue or green, it adds a pop of color and breaks up the curvature of the design. It will retail for $419.95 and is available now.

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Brian Burt

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