I love going to the Elie Bleu booth, I hate covering it. There’s a lot of fun fawning over the new products from the iconic French humidor-maker turned cigar accessory brand, but it’s not particularly fun trying to write about the plethora of new products the company has shown off over the last few years.

The booth is the same as last year. There’s a lot of white and the company’s signature blue; get it, Elie Bleu. While last year was largely focused on a new line of cigar cutters and lighters, this year was a much more balanced approach to accessories.

Elie Bleu Big Five

The latest in the 2SaintS partnership with Elie Bleu. It’s based on the five big game animals: black rhinoceros, cape buffalo, elephant, leopard and lion. Dappled sipo wood is used for the humidor while bronze sculpting is used for the base model.

Elie Bleu says the humidor will hold 750 cigars. It’s limited to eight pieces worldwide, which are all made to order, and priced at $56,000.

If you are interested, it will take four months for the humidors to arrive after they are ordered.

Elie Bleu Big Five Ashtray

A bronze ashtray is also being made and limited to eight pieces. Pricing is $1,880.

Elie Bleu Think (2017)

A follow-up to the Think humidors released last year. These are a bit smaller, and much more economical. It’s a 110-count humidor priced at $6,330.

Production is limited to 25 pieces and will take four months to ship from when it is ordered.

Elie Bleu Bird Humidor

This is a 250-count humidor made of yellowed red gum wood with marquetry insets. Each of the 100 numbered humidors will be slightly different because of the natural materials used.

Dimensions: 23.11 inches x 12.91 x 5.9

Price: $6,750

Launch Date: September 2017

Elie Bleu Eagle Humidor

I didn’t get a picture of this, but it’s similar to the humidor above though it features a blue wood and a bald eagle. It’s a bit smaller than the bird humidor, rated for 110 cigars.

Dimensions: 19.09 inches x 10.63 x 4.13

Price: $4,380

Launch Date: September 2017

Elie Bleu Pasini Humidor

Marc Pasini is a noted artist with an interest in Cuban cigars. This piece combines one of his works, which is extremely layered and detailed, far beyond what the picture above can show. It’s made of black sycamore, rated for 110 cigars and limited to 99 pieces.

Dimensions: 19.09 inches x 10.63 x 4.13

Price: $3,900

Launch Date: November 2017

Elie Bleu Rare Obsidian Ashtrays

There are four different ashtrays, offered in both black and brown obsidian. The ashtrays are obviously unique from every other one, though one thing I love is that they are slightly translucent.

Pricing ranges from $530 for the one- and two-cigar ashtrays to $930 for the four-cigar model.

There’s also a humidor.

Elie Bleu El Puro Collection

There’s a variety of humidors that use 24 karat gold tobacco inlays. Wood options include amboyna burl, black sycamore and natural sycamore. Pricing is $3,380-3,580 for the 100-count version and $5,500-5,780 for the 200-count versions.

In addition, matching ashtrays are available for $1,880.

The process is based off of the Cohiba 50 Aniversario humidor, which was produced by Elie Bleu and featured a 24-karat gold tobacco leaf.

Launch Date: October 2017

Elie Bleu Gun Collection

The gun collection gets additional pieces, with much more detailed gun images inlayed on the humidors. The 110-count humidors are priced at $3,880.

There’s also obsidian ashtrays that come apart where the silencer goes. The ashtray connects via magnets and were fun to play with, but don’t drop them, they retail for $1,880.

Launch Date: October 2017

Elie Bleu J-14

This is a torch lighter that is designed to look like a soft flame lighter with a swing top lid. It’s offered in six finishes, some of which use palladium, Japanese lacquers and marquetry. Prototypes are still being finalized.

Dimensions: 1.5 inches x 2.68 x .45

Price: $300

Launch Date: November 2017

Elie Bleu J-11 New Colors

The J-11, the company’s thinnest lighter, gets new colors to match the company’s Fruit Collection of humidors.

Price: $175

Launch Date: August 2017

Elie Bleu J-12 New Colors

This lighter, which seems to also be known as Pocket Lighter, gets three new additions with Japanese lacquer and marquetry. The new colors are black, blue and red.

Price: $200

Launch Date: October 2017

Elie Bleu Stainless Steel Cutter New Colors

A new finish called “espresso,” which looks more like bronze and Elie Bleu, which features a blue option.

Price: $200

Launch Date: August 2017

Elie Bleu Casa Cubana 2017

Elie Bleu’s collection of humidors that look like buildings in Havana gets one new addition. I’m told a new series of buildings is planned for 2018.



Elie Bleu Leather Case

The leather cases are now shipping.

Elie Blue Ashtray Stirrups

Elie Bleu’s porcelaine ashtrays are now offered with stirrups to help better hold your cigars.

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