IPCPR 2017: 23 Companies That Won’t Be Here


The amount of vendors exhibiting at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show has exploded in the last decade. In 2010, there were 251 exhibitors; five years later there was 351. That number increased at a time when retail attendance has slightly declined, when consumption patters have remained flat and when the number of brick and mortars around the country is shrinking.

While the growth has cooled down, this is the first year of notable shrinking.


Trying to figure out just how many less companies are here compared to years past is tough because many booths have multiple companies in them, some of which go unlisted. Our estimates suggest there could be as many as 50 less cigar and cigar-related companies from a year prior. That being said, we were only able to get confirmation from 23 companies directly. The major differences between this year and last is that there is notable turnover and very few entirely new vendors, something directly related to a massive slowdown in the amount of new companies.

Their reasons for not going are many. Some of those reasons are probably true, others are convenient. The most popular include uncertainty about FDA regulations, the recent tax increase in California and the change in when the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show takes place.

  1. 1880 International
  2. AKA Cigars/Acme Cigar Co.
  3. Arandoza
  4. Cabal
  5. Catelli
  6. Cigar Cutters by Jim
  7. Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills
  8. Ciguardian Products
  9. Cuba Rica
  10. Duran Cigars
  11. Elogio
  12. Guayacan
  13. Havana Controls
  14. Iconic Leaf Cigar Co./Recluse
  15. Jenneff
  16. JSK
  17. Kafie 1901 Cigars
  18. Las Cumbres Tabaco
  19. Mad Genius Cigars[ref]The company was formerly known as Evil Genius Cigars.[/ref]
  20. Maya Selva
  21. Moscato Cigars
  22. Ohana
  23. Tre-J
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