The big news is Elie Bleu is now distributed by Rëyns International. But that’s not all that’s happening, this year marks the 40th year of the famed French humidor maker and it’s clear that things are changing. There’s now a full complement of accessories including lighters and cutters, and there’s even a new humidor design that is designed to be more economical, albeit, still roughly $1,000.

Elie Bleu Booth IPCPR 2016

Perhaps no company had as big of a booth change as Elie Bleu. Previously, the company looked like it was set up for a trunk show with boxes of humidors displayed and some black cloth backgrounds. Now the company is with Rëyns, who brought a plethora of stands and well-lit glass cases with clear blue and white branding.

Elie Bleu Cutters

Elie Bleu Double Blade Cigar Cutter

The French humidor maker is making a run into the accessory space. There are six new regular production Japanese-made aluminum cutters. The blades are both v-shaped meaning they make a square shape when partially opened, this is made to mimic Elie Bleu’s logo.

The cutter is offered in a variety of finishes priced $170-190.

Launch Date: October 2016

Production: Regular Production

Elie Bleu Soft Flame Lighters

Elie Bleu F-1 Flint Flame Lighters

Rëyns International, formerly Lotus, used to distribute S.T.Dupont and it’s of no surprise the company has found a way back into the lighter space now with Elie Bleu. The F-1 is a taller, thinner dual soft flame lighter that is very familiar to the signature S.T.Dupont lighter.

It’s offered in six finishes: platinum-plated/satin, platinum-plated/mirror; gold-plated, platinum-plated/black lacquer, gold-plated/black lacquer and rose gold-plated/blue lacquer.

Pricing is set between $500-800.

Launch Date: October 2016

Production: Regular Production

Elie Bleu Slim Lighters

Elie Bleu J-11 Delgado

This Japanese-made lighter seems like it’s going after the S.T.Dupont Slim 7. It’s offered in six colors: mirror, black matte, gold satin, blue lacquer, black lacquer and red lacquer.

This is not the first time Elie Bleu has offered a lighter, but the company has previously been limited to table lighters.

Suggested pricing is $175.

Launch Date: October 2016

Production: Regular Production

Elie Bleu Torch Lighters

Elie Blue J-12 Piano Jet Lighters

This torch lighter features a side ignition and a flat flame.

It’s offered in five finishes: platinum/diagonal, platinum/satin, platinum/black lacquer, platinum/red lacquer and gold/blue lacquer. Suggested pricing is $200.

Launch Date: October 2016

Production: Regular Production

Elie Blue Leather Accessory Cases

A variety of cases are made for the new accessories, priced $60-90.

Elie Bleu 40th Anniversary

The company has special editions of three different products for its 40th anniversary collection, which is centered around wealth of the world.

Elie Bleu Anniversary Humidor

A 250-count humidor is priced at $8,300.

Elie Bleu Wealth of the World

There’s a special bronze soft flame lighter with specialized patina. It’s priced at $4,980.

Finally a special 40th Anniversary cutter is $250.

All three items are limited to 40 pieces each.

Elie Bleu Napoleon Humidor 1

Elie Bleu Empire Humidor

The company has partnered with 2Saints to produce eight special humidors, titled Empire. They are made to pay tribute to the Napoleonic times and feature sapelli wood and bronze.

Elie Bleu Napoleon Humidor 2

The humidors are designed to hold 750 cigars and are priced at $42,800.

Elie Bleu Brain Humidor 1

Elie Bleu Think Humidor

Another collaboration with 2Saints, these humidors are slightly smaller—350 cigars—but feature the same custom bronze work. Pricing is set at $26,000 and it is limited to eight pieces.

Elie Bleu Brain Humidor 2

Elie Bleu Brain Ashtray

There’s also an accompanying bronze ashtray which weighs a good 30 pounds, at least.

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