If you had to guess which company added the most new products at this year’s show, it’s difficult to imagine anyone suggesting S.T. Dupont, except me; because I have six pages of notes filled from the booth, which is far fewer than last year thanks to some product sheets that I got this year. The French accessory maker introduces collection after collection at each one of these shows and while you aren’t likely to see even a tenth of it at your local shop, the market for $20,000 lighters clearly exists.

Fuente Fuente OpusX 20 Years
In honor of the 20th anniversary of OpusX, S.T. Dupont has teamed up with Fuente to create a variety of pieces.

S.T. Dupont OpusX 20th Line 2 & Pen

OpusX Line 2 Lighter
There’s 400 of these in three colors: Black, Red and White; each numbered. Retail pricing is at $2,200.

OpusX 20th Lacquer Line D Roller Ball
A total of 100 red pens have been created, each numbered. Retail pricing is $1,100.

OpusX 20th Belt
If you’d like an OpusX belt, there’s a $980 option available in black.

S.T. Dupont OpusX Limited Edition Line 2 2

OpusX Limited Edition Line 2
For those wanting a bit more, 10 sculpted brass lighters have been created in collaboration with 2SaintS, who has previously been in the S.T. Dupont booth doing live engraving.

S.T. Dupont OpusX Limited Edition Line 2 1

Pricing for this version is $10,500.

S.T. Dupont OpusX 20th Anniversary MaxijJet

OpusX 20th MaxiJet
If you’d like a torch, there’s three versions—Black, Blue and White—of the MaxiJet made for the anniversary celebration. Each retail for $260 and come with a custom leather pouch. Unlike the rest of the lighters, these are not listed as limited.

OpusX MaxiJet Cutter
There’s also a MaxiJet cutter made in Fuente livery. This is due out in October priced at $230.

S.T. Dupont OpusX 20th Anniversary Ashtray

OpusX 20th Anniversary Limoges Porcelain Ashtray
There’s a black and white ashtray made in collaboration with James Michael. These are limited to 400 numbered pieces each and priced at $550.

S.T. Dupont OpusX 20th Anniversary Humidor

OpusX 20th Anniversary Humidor
James Michael also collaborated with S.T. Dupont for a black humidor for the occasion. It’s limited to 750 pieces and will retail for $780. It features a variety of custom touches, including OpusX-branded Boveda holders.

Great Wall of China
While I suppose this is functional, the most recent addition to S.T. Dupont’s Haute Collection is art. There’s a total of eight different pieces based off of the Great Wall of China. This collection launched on June 15, although due to the nature of the items, S.T. Dupont says it takes three months from ordering for them to be delivered. The items were produced in collaboration with Tournaire.

While the really crazy pieces weren’t actually in the booth, what was there was ridiculous enough.

S.T. Dupont Great Wall of China Ligne 2 & Neoclassic

Great Wall of China Ligne 2 (Prestige)
There are 288 pieces of this unit which features a combination of gold, bronze and nickel finishes. Pricing is $8,200.

S.T. Dupont Great Wall of China Ashtray

Great Wall of China Ashtray
I would be afraid to use the $11,100 ashtray for ashes. It’s absolutely stunning and substantial. This is limited to just 88 pieces.

Great Wall of China Neoclassic President
There are two versions of the pen, which is limited to 288 pieces. The roller ball is $7,900, while the fountain pen—which features a solid 18-carat gold nib, is $8,000.

S.T. Dupont Great Wall of China Ligne 2 Exclusive

Great Wall of China Ligne 2 Exclusive & Base
S.T. Dupont has various levels for each of its collections in terms of their detail, production run and cost. Prestige is usually the highest of these categories, but for certain items, there’s an Exclusive version.

S.T. Dupont Great Wall of China Ligne 2 Exclusive & Base

I don’t know why you would order just this Ligne 2 ($20,000) without the base, but I suppose you could. The package with the base sets you back $26,000, but how many lighters have their own diorama? Like the ashtray, which is also an Exclusive item, this is limited to 88 pieces.

S.T. Dupont Great Wall of China Neoclassic President Exclusive

Great Wall of China Neoclassic President Exclusive
And if you are going to get that, you might as well get matching Exclusive pen. Once again it’s limited to 88 pieces. The roller ball version is $20,000, while the fountain pen is just $500 more.

Helix by Kostas
Another Haute Collection addition, this was is in partnership with Kostas Metaxas. There’s a lighter and two pens models, each limited to 288 pieces per finish. Each design is available in either bronze with 18-karat gold finishes or white bronze with rhodium finishes.

The collection is expected to ship in October.

S.T. Dupont Helix Ligne 2

Helix Ligne 2
The company’s signature Ligne 2 gets a much more substantial case. Pricing is $8,600 regardless of finish.

S.T. Dupont Helix Pen

Helix Neoclassic President
It’s the same story on the pens, the rollerball is $8,400 and the fountain pen is $8,500.

James Bond
In honor of the new Spectre film due out later this year, S.T. Dupont has created a variety of special editions. SPECTRE is actually a reference to a crime syndicate, Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, and S.T. Dupont is paying tribute to its first onscreen appearance in The Spy Who Loved Me, by limiting the pieces to 1,963 units, the year the film came out.

S.T. Dupont Spectre Ligne 2

Spectre Ligne 2
Arguably the most interning piece in the S.T. Dupont booth, it’s a Ligne 2 with a hole through the center,  in reference to a bullet. It also features the signature James Bond vortex. It’s offered in two different finishes—Black and Palladium—with the Palladium due out in October and the Black the following month.

Interestingly, there’s also a secret compartment within the lighter. It’s disguised as another adjustment valve. Pricing is $2,000 regardless of color.

Spectre D-Line Pen
There’s a total of six different pens between the two finishes. As with the lighter, the Palladium is due out in October, where as the Black version should arrive in November. The ballpoint version is $1,750, the rollerball is $1,830 and the fountain pen is $1,960.

S.T. Dupont Spectre Collector’s Edition

Spectre Collector’s Edition
The company also has plans for a Collector’s Edition box in December which would include the fountain pen, ballpoint pen and lighter. The design isn’t finalized, but pricing is $7,600.

S.T. Dupont Spectre Collection

Spectre MaxiJet
This will be out in October with a price of $230.

Spectre MiniJet
Also out in October for $180.

Spectre MaxiJet Cutter
October as well, $210.

Spectre DEFI
Another pen design is in the works, though the company has not finalized it. It will be offered in Black and Palladium for $450.

McLaren & Race Machine
The company is partnering with McLaren, the British car firm and racing outfit, on a variety of non-smoking times, but also has another collection, Race Machine, with some cigar accessories.

S.T. Dupont Race Machine L2 & Paperweight

Race Machine L2 & Paperweight
It’s limited to 1,929 units paying tribute to 1929, the first year of the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s a custom Ligne 2 lighter and bronze paperweight, stylized to look like a Formula 1 car.

There’s also a variety pens from $1,100-1,600 within the series.

S.T. Dupont Line 8 Racer

And a Line 8 lighter.

Nuevo Mundo, Re-Invented
S.T. Dupont created Nuevo Mundo in 1998, which used gold and midnight blue Chinese lacquer. One of the company’s better customers asked the company to recreate one of the pieces for them in silver, so S.T. Dupont decided to make 500 pieces out of palladium. The collections due out in September.

S.T. Dupont Nuevo Mundo Ligne 2

Nuevo Mundo Ligne 2
It’s priced at $2,600 and limited to 500 pieces.

S.T. Dupont Nuevo Mundo Roller Ball

Nuevo Mundo Roller Ball
Only one pen design is being made, it’s priced at $2,100.

Shoot the Moon
It’s based off of Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon (1865) and some parts of it are about as beautiful, yet also as ridiculous as the concept of going to the moon had to be in 1865.

S.T. Dupont Shoot the Moon Line 2 Prestige

Shoot the Moon Line 2 Prestige
It’s limited to 1,865 pieces and uses a variety of touches from the book. It’s due out in September alongside the below pen. Pricing is $4,800.

S.T. Dupont Shoot the Moon Canon Pen

Shoot the Moon Canon Pen
It’s based off of a French canon from the 14th century and has a base to better illustrate that point. The rollerball version will retail for $4,500 and the fountain pen will be priced at $4,600. The company is selling a kit that includes the pen, base and a notebook that will retail for $6,300.

S.T. Dupont Shoot the Moon Collection

Shoot the Moon Collector’s Set
An additional Collector’s Set will be made that contains all of the aforementioned pieces. That’s limited to 165 units and priced at $12,500.

S.T. Dupont Shoot the Moon Diamond Collection Line 2

Shoot the Moon Diamond Collection Line 2
If for some reason you thought to yourself, that’s not enough, do not fear. The company is producing 28 lighters that use a platinum finish is 205 diamonds for a total of 2.29 carats. That will retail for $35,500 and is due out in November.

S.T. Dupont Shoot the Moon Diamond Collection Pen

Shoot the Moon Diamond Collection Pen
The accompanying pen uses 237 diamonds, but also clocks in at 2.29 carats. It’s also limited to 28 pieces, but will only be sold in the writing set for $34,000.

S.T. Dupont Shoot the Moon Premium Line 2

Shoot the Moon Premium Line 2
A darker and more practical version of lighter is also being made. It will retail for $2,600 and is limited to 1,865 units.

Shoot the Moon Premium Line Pen
The accompanying pens are also limited to 1,865 pieces. The rollerball version will retail for $2,350, while the fountain will be $2,450.

Speed Machines
This Haute Collection item was definitely the talk of the show for S.T. Dupont. It features seven different engines with pens and lighters incorporated into the machines themselves, which serve as a base. The Items are being produced in collaboration with 2SaintS and divided into two batches.

Each item is limited to 88 pieces.

The first eight items—or four engines—began shipping in June

S.T. Dupont Speed Machines Star Engine Pen

Star Engine
It’s based off of a plane. There’s a Ligne 2 lighter, fountain pen and rollerball—each priced at $22,000.

S.T. Dupont Speed Machines V12 Ligne 2

The Ligne 2 lighter ($20,000) is hidden as the base of a car, while the pens ($20,000) modeled after a dragster.

S.T. Dupont Speed Machines Turbo Boat Ligne 2

Turbo Boat
The engines of the boat detach from the base to show a Ligne 2 lighter ($22,000). As for the pens, these have a diamond and are priced at $22,000.

This version of the v-twin engine is more expensive than most of the motorcycles it’s found in, priced at $20,000. The pen shows sort of a motorcycle drivetrain-esque look. It’s also priced at $20,000.

S.T. Dupont Speed Machines V8

The other items are due out in January, they will be based on a Flat 6, Inline 4 and V8 engines.

S.T. Dupont Stones of Fortune

Stones of Fortune
This is in collaboration with L’aquart. While only the elephant was on display, there’s also a tiger and monkey. The lighters are limited to 288 pieces and available in three finishes: palladium, rose gold and yellow gold with pricing set at $6,200.

S.T. Dupont Tatuaje The Jekyll & Hyde MaxiJet

Tatuaje The Jekyll & The Hyde
For the last few years, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje has collaborated with S.T. Dupont to produce a limited edition run of lighters to commemorate the Monster Series release form Tatuaje. Last year, Johnson opted against releasing a version given how he wanted to do The Jekyll, last year’s Monster Series release, and The Hyde, this year’s version.

One side of the MaxiJet features Jekyll, the other side Hyde. Pricing is $260 and the lighter will be out in October.

S.T. Dupont Travel in Time Boston Ligne 2

Travel in Time
This is the latest collaboration with Frederic Krill, an engraver. The newest series is based off cities. There are 288 pieces for each city, available in gold, rose gold or palladium. The five cities are Alhambra ($6,500), Boston ($4,500), Hermitage (Russia, $8,000), Renaissance (London, $4,500) and Tsuba (Japan, $7,900).

These are due out in November although delivery will take three additional months from purchase.

S.T. Dupont The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones
There’s a variety of limited and regular items that began shipping before the show in partnership with The Rolling Stones. All the details are here.

S.T. Dupont MaxiJet Matte Black, Gun Metal

MaxiJet Matte Black/Gun Metal
These are both due out in September, along with matching cutters. Pricing is $220.

S.T. Dupont Camo

MaxiJet Camo Colors
There are now more colors to the MaxiJet in camouflage.

S.T. Dupont MiniJet Swarovski

MiniJet Swarovski
Similar to the Rolling Stones version, these MiniJets feature Swarovski crystals. The skull lighter is $400, while the other red and a similar white version are $500.

S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Colors

Defi Extreme Colors
The orange and yellow models are new.

S.T. Dupont Line 2 Pens

Line D Pens
There are now matching pens for the various Chinese lacquer Line 2s.

Select images via S.T. Dupont.

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