For the last few years, Graycliff’s trade show has been lackluster. There’s been a lack of new lines, a booth that has shrunk in size and for a while—a direction that wasn’t clear. The company was going through some major revamping of all of its lines. Changing its focus from large catalog and online shops back to brick and mortar stores, they’ve gone through an extensive remodeling of everything, from blends to new packaging.e

Graycliff Espresso

In addition to reblending and repackaging their cigars, one of the things that changed was a serious reduction in the number of sizes available for each blend. The goal is to reduce the number of SKUs for brick and mortar locations, making it easier for them to carry all the lines and not have an overwhelming amount of sizes to choose from. In addition, all sizes except the salomons now feature unfinished shag feet, or what they call uncuts.

Graycliff Silver

Graycliff Silver
The exception to that is the Silver line, which do have trimmed straight-cut feet. They are packaged in a new box that is made to look like a bar of silver.

Graycliff John Howard Graysmith

Graycliff John Howard Graysmith
The only change to the John Howard Graysmith line included putting them in 18-count boxes as opposed to only having them available in five-packs like last year.

Having opened a new boutique store in the Atlantis Resort casino and ramping up sales at home, Adam Collins, general manager for Graycliff, mentioned that currently half of its sales are now back at home in The Bahamas.

All of the new blends and packaging should be shipping at the end of October.

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