There are only a few booths that can make a dozen sales during a day of the IPCPR trade show and have a really good day. That’s what happens when you make accessory sets that can purchase a gently used Maserati. There was lots of new product in the S.T. Dupont booth, probably the only place where you will see all of these collections in one place, or for most of us, ever.

S T Dupont Chinese Lacquer New

Chinese Lacquer (Black)
Everything from lighters to tie clips, now available in black. This an extension to the already released Chinese lacquer.

S T Dupont Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos
Need a lighter, cutter and ashtray to go along with your Las Calaveras? The hand-carved collection is limited to 66 pieces of each. The S.T. Dupont Dia De Los Muertos lighter will set you back $10,500, while the cutter runs $3,200. This will ship in November.

S T Dupont Blazon

The latest in the partnership with Frederich Krill. The gold lighter retails for $8,800 and is limited to 30 pieces, while the silver lighter runs $4,200 and is limited to 1,800 pieces. Both are made to order.

S T Dupont Gemstone

Gemstone Mahogany and Jasper
Two new additions with wood finishes. Both are limited to 1,832 pieces and will retail for $4,200.

S T Dupont Padron 50 Humidor

S T Dupont Padron 50 Lighter 1

S T Dupont Padron Lighter 2

Padrón 50
S.T. Dupont and Padrón have teamed up for the latter’s 50th anniversary. The soft flame lighter retails for $2,000 and is limited to 500 pieces, the ashtray will set you back $1,000 and is limited to 200 pieces and the Maxijet will run $265 is limited to 500 pieces. All will ship in November.

S T Dupont King of Pearl

King of Pearl
The more ornate Exclusive Collection is limited to 30 pieces with the lighter set at $33,000 and the writing instrument retailing for $31,500. If $64,500 is too rich for your blood—the Premium Collection lighter retails for $6,700 and the pen is only $6,600. The latter is limited to 288 pieces.

S T Dupont White Knight

White Knight Prestige

White Knight Premium

White Knight
With 3.5 karats worth of diamonds, the Exclusive Collection of the White Knight collection is not cheap. The lighter and ashtray will each retail for $41,000, while the pen is $37,500. All three are limited to 28 pieces. The Prestige Collection has a $5,200 lighter and $4,900 pen, while the Premium Collection features a $2,700 lighter and $2,500 pen. All are limited to 1,515 pieces because 1515 is the date of the coronation of Francis I of France, Roi-Chevalier, the Knight King.

S T Dupont Louis XIII

Louis XIII Fleur de Parme
Did you read part one thinking, boy, we need something more ornate. The above lighters are miniature replicas of a bespoke collection made for an Asian customer. They are designed by Tania de Bourbon Parme, a member of the House of Bourbon, which includes Louis XIII. The original lighter was a tabletop lighter that retailed for $700,000, the customer then asked for a smaller pocket lighter to be commissioned. If you were wondering if that’s the most expensive lighter ever sold, you are correct according to S.T. Dupont. The company has made 31 replica pieces with a retail price of $15,900. A video of the original piece is below.

S T Dupont Armories

Armories is limited to 88 pieces. The lighter and stand will retail for $28,000, while the pen and stand will retail for $27,000. You will have to wait until November to take delivery.

S T Dupont Tournaire 1

S T Dupont Tournaire 2

The Exclusive Collection has a $21,000 lighter, $18,500 fountain pen and $18,000 rollerball pen. All are limited to 88 pieces. The Prestige Collection will feature a $6,800 pen, available in both rollerball or fountain. Each limited to 288 pieces. This is the latest in the company’s partnership with Philippe Tournaire, a french jeweler.

S T Dupont Tournaire 3

S T Dupont Tournaire 4

St George Slaying the Dragon

St. George Slaying the Dragon
Perhaps the most ornate collection in the entire booth. The Exclusive Collection features a $38,000 lighter and $37,000 pen, both of which can mount into the base to show St. George slaying the dragon. The soft flame lighter in the Prestige Collection will retail for $7,500 and the pen will run $7,400. The Exclusive is limited to 30 pieces, while the Prestige will be a run of 288 pieces.

S T Dupont Meteorite

Meteorite Collection
No one knows when the Gideon meteorite crashed into Namibia, but in 1836, the European world was introduced to the space rock. Now, dust from the meteorite will be used on a lighter ($1,780) and pen ($1,740). Both are limited to 888 pieces.

S T Dupont Camo

Maxijet Elite
Three military-oriented charities will receive half the profits form the sale of the special edition Maxijet. The digital camouflage edition will retail for $200, ship in September and is not limited.

S T Dupont Ceranium

Armors of Tomorrow
S.T. Dupont wanted to tackle one complaint it hears from customers, weight. As such, it’s implemented ceramium, a strong, lightweight material that can reduce the weight of lighters by up to 40 percent. The company will implement it on a variety of products, a Ligne 2 lighter will retail for $1,740, a Ligne 8 lighter will retail for $525 and a pen will run $400. The collection will begin shipping in November.

Tatuaje Monster Series 2014
There will no special edition set this year for the Monster Series. Pete Johnson and the French company decided to delay the release until next year, as the product will implement a dual-Jekyll and Hyde theme.

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