IPCPR 2013: Toraño Family Cigar Company


Sam Leccia’s arrival at Toraño has breathed visible life into the company. Both in Las Vegas and retail shops, people are talking about the company, which is a good thing. The booth traffic was definitely busier, but so was the release cycle, which was somewhat heavy for a company that has been on quite a mad pace over the last three years.

Toraño Family Cigar Company


The Booth
Back are the same displays the company debuted in New Orleans three years ago. The booth feels largely, particularly with Sam Leccia taking over the back, while Palió—also distributed by the company—off to the side only facing the larger Toraño booth. Not present: the Bowling Pin.

Toraño Exodus 1959 Finite

Exodus 1959 Finite 2013
The company’s flagship line gets a flagship limited edition. Details are here. Depending on who you talk to, either this or the new Vault is the star of the show. Perhaps two really good things?

Reserva Selecta
In order to reduce the cost and overall footprint in the humidor, Toraño has taken the cigar out of the tubes. We are told savings should be around 30%.

Toraño Salutem

Salutem Packaging Changes
As was the case with the Salutem Box Press, the rest of the line will change to 18-count boxes by the end of the year. I don’t understand the move entirely, but I also don’t see the numbers. Jack Toraño told us that some of the sizes are already sold out in the original 12-count form and the company will be depleted of its remaining 12-count boxes by the end of the year. Unlike Reserva Selecta, the pricing isn’t changing.

Toraño Vault D 042

Vault D-042
Iron Man called, he wants his color scheme back. Apparently that joke wasn’t that obvious, but the colors would jive well with Tony Stark. The contrast between the original Vault and the new Vault looks good, but a third Vault might be too much in the humidor. 

Update (July 22, 2013): As noted below, we showed off the wrong packaging for Reserva Selecta. Sorry for the confusion.

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