IPCPR 2013: Ezra Zion


We discussed this with Fred Rewey, but there are many different approaches taken by the Ezra Zion-distributed brands. Rewey travels to events than the boys from Ezra Zion, who seem to be everywhere. The work paid off as the brand made an appearance on the 2012 Consensus list and seemed packed during our time at the house of Emilio booth.

The Booth
As with the Guayacan booth, we noticed a large number of retailers coming through to visit the Ezra Zion part of the Emilio Cigars booth group. They seemed to have a bit more stuff set up and out on display than some of the other booths near them. Though it is only their second year at the show, the appearance is they are doing quite well for themselves.


Ezra Zion Eminence

So this was new, but FHK was a big enough distraction for us to forget about photographing. Good news is, Patrick has already reviewed it. (We will announce the contest winner on Monday.)

Ezra Zion FHK 1

Ezra Zion FHK 2

Ezra Zion FHK
The new cigar coming out of Ezra Zion at the show was the FHK. Named using the first of each of the owner’s initials, the FHK’s story was told to us by Alan Fonseca, one of the three Ezra Zion owners. According to him he literally dreamed up the blend, afterwards waking up and writing down the tobaccos used immediately. Taking the blend down to the factory when they visited, he had that test blend put together and the FHK was born.

Inception and Jamais Vu
First off it’s jah-may-vew. Not to be forgotten, Jamais Vu—the line formerly known as Inception—got a 6 x 60 and 6 x 46 “Corona” extension. Reagan got a Robusto, 6 x 46 and box-pressed 7 x 48 Churchill addition.  

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