Edgar “One Shot One Kill” Hoill is a Los Angeles-based photographer that broke into the cigar industry in late 2011 through Room101’s Matt Booth. The duo launched the Room101 OSOK, three perfecto-shaped cigars that shipped in the early portions of 2012. Since then Hoill has moved to Christian Eiroa’s new Fabricas Unidas to launch EH Cigars.

It’s a bit full circle as Eiroa once owned the factory where Booth got his start, Rancho Jamastran. For his part, Hoill says he and Booth remain good friends and that he is still part of “the Room101 fam.”

Icons of Cigars Edgar Hoill 1

For you technical details nuts: The portraits were photographed at a body shop that is well known to Edgar in the South Dallas area. The day was totally overcast and the whole session took about 20 minutes total.
Icons of Cigars Edgar Hoill 2
The main photograph was taken with a Canon 1DMKIII body and a 20mm f/1.8 lens shot at f/4.5 at 1/800th and ISO 500. There is a flash held by Charlie off camera right attached to the camera with an off camera sync cable. I am standing on a ladder looking down and Edgar’s right hand is about four inches from the front element of the lens.
The second photograph was taken with a Canon 1DMKIII body, and a 50mm f/1.2 lens shot at f/5 at 1/500th at ISO 500. The light is all natural and I am crouched down fairly low to the ground to put his head and smoke from the cigar in the black part of the shadows of the building behind him.
Update (January 22, 2012): An original version of this story indicated Matt Booth entered the cigar industry while Christian Eiroa was with Camacho, the story has been corrected.
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