Last Friday, Hunters & Frankau, the U.K.’s importer of Cuban cigars, celebrated its 225th anniversary with a trio of new cigars.

Hunters & Frankau 225 Party 4

The star of the show was announced quite some time ago, which seemed to only add to the anticipation. Attendees to the party were able to smoke the Ramón Allones Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225, an commemorative release made for the importer’s anniversary. The cigar which is offered in both sliding-lid boxes of 25 and humidors of 100 measures 141mm (5 11/20 inches) x 50 and is priced around $40 per cigar. A limited edition Havana Club was also created for the cigar.

Hunters & Frankau 225 Party 3

On Monday, the Ramón Allones along with the Montecristo Media Corona began shipping to retailers.

Montecristo Media Corona

The Montecristo measures 90mm (3 6/11 inches) x 44. The Montecristo is a regular production item that will be available globally. According to Hunters & Frankau, the format was actually introduced in 1907 by a British importer who wanted a cigar that could be smoked after theatre, but wouldn’t keep his wife waiting. It became popular in the 1920s and 1930s, but eventually discontinued. The half corona size is the shortest long filler cigar made in Cuba.

Pricing for the Montecristo is £10.50 ($16.50) and it is currently being sold in boxes of 25, with five-packs expected to arrive later this year.

Hunters & Frankau 225 Party 5

One other new cigar was on hand Friday, but it’s not shipping yet. The Bolívar Belgravia is the official Edición Regional for the U.K. this year measuring 5 1/8 (130mm) x 55. Belgravia is a neighborhood in London where the party was held and it also contains a statue of Simon Bolívar.

Hunters & Frankau 225 Party 1

Hunters & Frankau 225 Party 2

The Belgravia, which will ship in boxes of 10, aren’t expected until later in the year, but Hunters & Frankau had a limited amount flown in for the event. Both the Bolívar and Ramón Allones are limited to 50,000 cigars.

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