Last week, two new Cuban cigars went on sale in Portugal.

On Saturday, Feb. 11, EMPOR Importação e Exportação S.A.—the distributor of Cuban cigars in Portugal—held an event with Habanos S.A. to debut Rafael González Coronas de Lonsdales and the El Rey del Mundo Templários, both new cigars. The event served as the formal launch of both cigars, which are now on sale in Portugal.

One is the new Rafael González Coronas de Lonsdales, which is expected to be sold in stores worldwide. It measures 5 inches (127mm) x 48 ring gauge, a size known as the Hermoso No.4. Habanos S.A. has used this vitola for a number of different brands, but it’s probably best known as the El Rey del Mundo Choix Suprême.

In Portugal, pricing will be €105 ($112.25) per box of 10 cigars, or roughly $11.23 per cigar.

The company has also produced a video about the cigar.

Speaking of El Rey del Mundo, the event also featured the El Rey del Mundo Templários, described as a 4 3/4 (120mm) x 54 parejo size known as Magnum 54. The Templários is a planned Edición Regional release for Portugal. This is a relatively new vitola for the Cuban cigar conglomerate that has been used for the H. Upmann Magnum 54 and some other Edición Regional releases. The name Templários refers to the Knights Templar, a Catholic army that fought in the Middle Ages. After the disbanding of the Knights Templar, many former members settled in Portugal.

It is priced at €22 ($23.52) per cigar and is limited to 8,000 numbered boxes of 10 cigars.

Habanos S.A. offers the Edición Regional program to its various distributors around the world. Each year, distributors can select one cigar to be commissioned for their region, though there have been exceptions when some distributors have been able to select more than one. Those cigars must come from a brand that was not part of the company’s former “Global Brands” and must be a size that is currently not offered in that specific brand.

Edición Regional cigars are signified by a secondary red and silver band that reads Edición Regional followed typically by the name of the region represented by that specific distributor. Often the cigars do not arrive at stores during the year they are selected for, sometimes multiple years later. Officially, the Templários is part of the 2021 class of Edición Regional releases.

Update (Feb. 16, 2023) — Added details regarding pricing and the availability of both cigars. This story was originally published on Feb. 15, 2023.

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