Christian Eiroa and Edgar Hoill are teaming up for a pair of releases for a single store. Tobacco Haven of Brookline, N.H. will be receiving the Leroy VS the Dark Master, two different limited editions packed in a single heavily-decorated box.

Leroy VS the Dark Master Box

Dark Master.JPG

The Leroy is a 5 1/2 x 50 parejo in the OSOK blend, part of Edgar Hoill’s EH Cigars. Christian Eiroa’s contribution comes in the form of the Dark Master, a 5 x 54 torpedo with a shaggy foot in what is described as a new blend.

Five coffins containing each of the two cigars—a total of ten cigars—are packed in an Edgar Hoill-designed boxes. Only 350 boxes will be created and they feature artwork by the tattoo artist ESPI.

Leroy VS the Dark Master Coffins.JPG

The following text is being used to describe the project:

The city neighborhood had never really been the best but at least a few months ago the kids could go play outside without fear. Everything has changed, ever since the Dark Master and his gang of shogun street punks moved in and claimed the neighborhood as their own. When I stood up for myself, they wrecked my family’s pizzeria, when I refused to fight them, they kidnapped my girlfriend. They’ve gone too far, I promised myself I would never fight again, but some promises can’t be kept…

Boxes will be priced at $119.99. They will debut on April 25 at an event attended by Edgar Hoill.

This is hardly the first time either one has collaborated with another cigar company. Eiroa famously teamed-up with Litto Gomez for the Camacho/La Flor Dominicana Face-Off. Hoill first partnered with Matt Booth before joining Fabricas Unidas with his own EH Cigars.

(Images via Lauren Ferraro, CLE Cigars)

Update (April 2, 2014) — Added pricing and release date.

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