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November 8, 2023

Bellatto Edition Brazil Lonsdale

More than a year after it was originally supposed to debut, the Bellatto Edition Brazil is now on shelves.

The Daily Wire, Michael Knowles Launch Mayflower Cigars

The cigars are made by Oliva and being sold directly to consumers with fulfillment handled by Brandshopper, parent of Cigarpage.

Illusione PCA Exclusive 2023 Heading to Stores

Originally announced with an August ship date, the Illusione PCA Exclusive 2023 is beginning to ship to stores this week.

Colorado Voters Reject Tobacco Tax Rate Drop, Refund

Voting against Proposition II would have decreased tobacco tax rates in Colorado by 11.53 percent and tobacco companies would have gotten $23.65 million in tax refunds. Instead, two-thirds of the voters approved Proposition II, meaning the money will be used to fund preschool programs.

STG Q3 2023 Revenues Drop by 3.9 Percent

A bright spot for the company: international sales of handmade cigars.