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June 8, 2023

Liga Privada H99 Papas Fritas Shipping Next Week

If you smoked a cigar from the most recent Freestyle Live pack and guessed “H99 Papas Fritas” you are a winner.

Fosforo Connecticut

Fosforo’s second line uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and debuted as a limited release; it will become a regular production line later this year.

Guantanamera Loses Trademark Lawsuit Against Swedish Match Over “DUO”

A federal judge found that there was no evidence of confusion between White Owl DUO cigarillos and Guantanamera’s DUO Series, a premium cigar.

E.P. Carrillo’s New Escapade Line To Be Blended With Help of Consumers

E.P. Carrillo is once again turning to consumers for input as to a new cigar line.