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January 12, 2023

Don Doroteo Names Garret Robinson VP of Sales

Robinson has previously worked as an independent cigars sales representative as well as a co-host of How Bout That Cigar.

La Gloria Cubana 8th Street

While the El Credito Cigar Factory is no longer, the La Gloria Cubana brand returned to its Miami roots for a new limited edition, producing them kitty-corner from the legendary factory.

Powstanie Connecticut Coming Later This Year

It is expected to be the third regular production blend of Powstanie.

West Tampa Tobacco Co. Adds Distribution in Ireland & Latvia

West Tampa’s cigars went on sale in both countries at the start of the new year.

Cavalier Genève Launching Tres Delincuentes at TPE 2023

The new line references a Delinquent Habits ong of the same name.

Smoking Now Allowed in House Side of Congress

While you may not be able to smoke in your office, your local member of Congress can.