August 24, 2022

ACE Prime Shipping Maria Lucia & Mas Igneus Tomorrow

Maria Lucia is a new line that pays tribute to the mother of Luciano Meirelles, co-founder of ACE Prime. Mas Igneus is a new line of cigars that was blended with tobaccos that matched the pH levels of a specific wine.

Gran Habano Persian King Type-Mod 60

The Gran Habano Persian King Type-Mod 60 is a cigar that is double-capped and can be smoked from either end. Turns out, that’s not even the most unique part of the cigar.

My Father’s Le Bijou 1922 100 Años Limited Edition Arrives at Stores

The cigars honor what would be the 100th birthday of José “Pepīn” García’s father.

La Sirena Mexican Mermaid 4 x 54 Heads to Stores

Fans of the line now have a 45-minute option to light up as the colder months approach.