July 21, 2022

Perdomo Sending Special Size of Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne to JR Cigar for Cigar Dojo Anniversary

Cigar Dojo is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special size of the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne. It will go on sale next Friday.

PCA 2022: The Cigar Ashtray

No surprise from the name: The Cigar Ashtray is a company producing a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of cigar ashtrays out of CNC machined aluminum billets.

PCA 2022: Dissident

Cynn and Joshua Coburn attended their first PCA show as brand owners and brought with them a PCA exclusive limited edition cigar, the first new cigar to be released under the Dissident name since buying the brand at the end of 2021.

PCA 2022: Xhaxhi Bobi

Don’t let the word “Xhaxhi” scare you off, you can just call him Bob.

PCA 2022: Bosquet Paris

I wish I knew more about Bosquet Paris, but at least I got some pretty pictures.