July 15, 2022

PCA 2022: Arturo Fuente

The Arturo Fuente booth represents one-half of the most talked-about cigar of PCA 2022. Just because most people wanted to talk first about the Padrón collaboration doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything new inside the Fuente booth proper.

PCA 2022: Toscano

One of the busiest booths throughout the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show was Toscano. Not only that, the company won an award for best booth.

PCA 2022: Debonaire House

While there was nothing new on display, Debonaire House’s Phil S. Zanghi III announced a trio of upcoming projects, including one that should be on shelves before the end of the year.

PCA 2022: Casa Turrent

The Casa Turrent Serie 1880 line is getting a packaging makeover and a new limited edition.

General’s New Look Sancho Panza Heading to Stores

The newly-reworked Sancho Panza, which was in the Room101 booth at the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, is now heading to stores.

PCA 2022: Jake Wyatt Cigar Co.

There weren’t any new cigars from Jake Wyatt Cigar Co., but the company is moving some previously limited edition vitolas into regular production, meaning they will be easier to find at retailers.

PCA 2022: Warfighter Tobacco Co.

Warfighter Tobacco Co. is back for this year’s PCA Convention & Trade Show and is showing off two new cigars: one is being released as part of a charity that benefits service members and veterans while the other is an addition to an ongoing series of limited editions.

E.P. Carrillo Invites Consumers to Select New Limited Edition via Platinum Bash Pack

Consumers can help select a new limited edition for E.P. Carrillo that is slated to come out in 2023.

PCA 2022: Global Premium Cigars

Global Premium Cigars is celebrating 10 years in the business by releasing the aptly named 1502 Anniversario 10 during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

PCA 2022: Freud Cigar Co.

Freud Cigar Co. made its PCA Convention & Trade Show debut with its core line, a limited edition and plans for more cigars in the fall.