July 11, 2022

PCA 2022: Illusione

Illusione’s core line is getting an all new-look, there’s new packaging for OneOff, two new sizes of +53, two new lines, and an entirely new version of Singularé. So yeah, just a little bit of news at the Illusione booth.

PCA 2022: E.P. Carrillo

E.P. Carrillo adds two new lines, a new size to one of its most popular lines, and refreshes the look of another line celebrating its 10th anniversary.

PCA 2022: HVC Cigars

Reinier Lorenzo, founder of HVC Cigars, said that 2022 was the busiest Day 1 his company has ever had at the trade show. It was barely lunch time when he said that.

PCA 2022: Lunch with halfwheel Day 3

The third and final day of the gospel according to lunch.

PCA 2022: Drunk Chicken Cigars

Drunk Chicken Cigars is showing off its Homicidal Hen 2022 limited edition cigar during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, a robusto extra vitola packaged in boxes of 20.

PCA 2022: Perdomo

The story this year for Perdomo is its core lines of cigars.

PCA 2022: Fratello

For this year’s PCA Convention & Trade Show, Fratello is showing off the ViceVersa, a 7 x 50 cigar which features a triple cap on both ends that is designed to start very differently flavor-wise, depending on which end you cut and smoke from.

PCA 2022: Battleground Cigars

In the Battleground tent this year: some old cigars getting a new release, and a project dedicated to showing that enemies on the battleground can still show compassion and charity.

PCA 2022: Day 2 Recap

My thoughts of the some of the largest topics of conversation of the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, and one that should be a larger conversation.

PCA 2022: Espinosa Premium Cigars

Espinosa rolled out five new limited edition cigars at this year’s trade show.

Watch: PCA 2022 Live Day 3 With Mike Szczepankewicz of Cigar Hustler (11:15 A.M. CDT)

Cigar brand owner, cigar distribution owner, retailer, podcaster—Mike Szczepankewicz wears a lot of hats. We figured that he would be one of the more interesting…