April 27, 2022

Bangor, Maine Cancels Plans for Flavor Tobacco Ban

Bangor was the first city in Maine to pass a ban on flavored tobacco products. The law is being repealed before it took effect.

Forged Cigar Co. Adds Large Ring Gauge Bull Moose Line

The Chillin’ Moose line gets a new extension in the form of Bull Moose. It will be offered in 60 and 70 ring gauge vitolas.

J.C. Newman’s Yagua Returns for 2022

In order to create the uniform shape you find on cigars, cigar factories use wooden or plastic molds to form the tobacco to near-perfect cylinders. For Yagua, J.C. Newman ditches the molds and wraps the cigars up in a tree leaf to create one of the most unique-looking cigars you’ll ever see.

Padrón Family Reserve No. 95 Maduro

Padrón isn’t known for new cigars, let alone big ring gauge cigars. The new Padrón Family Reserve No. 95 measures 4 3/4 x 60 and packs a punch.