May 28, 2021

Nevada’s Governor Signs Bill Increasing Tobacco Purchasing Age

Nevada has become the latest state to bring its laws into alignment with the federal minimum age of 21-years-old to purchase tobacco products, as today...
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Warped Adding Chinchalle This Summer

Warped Cigars has a new cigar line coming this summer, Chinchalle. According to a report by Cigar Aficionado, it will be made in Santiago, Dominican...
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Rabbit Air A3

I think most people that read this site would agree on one “cigar bucket list” item: being able to smoke inside your own home or...
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Aladino Cameroon Elegante Begins Shipping Nationally

The Aladino Cameroon Elegante has begun the second of its two planned soft launches, now shipping to some stores. Like it has done in the...
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