May 21, 2021

Topkay Triple Jet Torch

Most of the lighters that get reviewed on halfwheel come from the companies and brands you are likely to find in your local brick and mortar...
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Illusione MC Slam Returns to R. Field Wine Co.

In 2014, Illusione debuted its Cigars Privé series with an exclusive release for Hawaii’s R. Field Wine Co. Now, that cigar is back for its...
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Crowned Heads Adds Distribution for Belgium, Luxembourg

Crowned Heads has announced that its products will be available in Belgium and Luxembourg through a new distribution agreement with Media Rueda B.V. Note: halfwheel’s...
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Ramón Allones Perfecto Edición Regional Mexico Arrives at Stores

The Ramón Allones Perfecto, a new Edición Regional for Mexico, has made its way to retail shelves after getting a launch party on Thursday evening....
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Limited Cigar Association Adds Distribution in Norway

The Limited Cigar Association (LCA), a subsidiary of Privada Cigar Club that brings small batch, limited edition to cigars to brick-and-mortar retailers, has announced that...
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Jessi Flores Departs Mombacho Cigars S.A.

Just about a month after the announcement of his hiring by Mombacho Cigars S.A. as the company’s creative director, Jessi Flores has announced that he...
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