December 29, 2020

Graded: Ten Questions for 2020

The idea of the words graded and 2020 bring a bit of a smirk and sigh to my face. Certainly conventional wisdom—and an endless stream of social...
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Fratello Pennsylvania Ships

Fratello has announced that its Pennsylvania exclusive cigar has begun shipping to stores The company has announced that it has begun shipping the Fratello Pennsylvania,...
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Boutique Cigar Association Announces New Mission, Resignation of Dr. Gaby Kafie as President

Just about 3 1/2 years after its founding as an organization to better represent the needs and concerns of the cigar industry’s smaller companies, the...
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Espinosa Thai Tea Slated for New Year’s Eve Release

Thai Tea, a new cigar made by Espinosa Premium Cigars and released via Privada Cigar Club and the Limited Cigar Association, will be getting its...
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Room101 Death Bucket 2

In 2018, a new cigar from Room101 began showing up at a handful of retailers and in the social media posts of those fortunate enough...
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