September 15, 2020

Suffolk County, N.Y. Legislator Announces Bill Raising Tobacco Purchasing Age to 25-Years-Old

A Suffolk County legislator has announced plans to introduce a resolution that will raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products and e-cigarettes in the county...
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E.P. Carrillo Ships Pledge

The new Perez-Carrillo Pledge from E.P. Carrillo is on its way to retailers. The line, which was originally due out in August, uses a Connecticut...
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Whiff Industries Enters Distribution Partnership with Quality Importers

Whiff Industries, known for its portfolio of products designed to eliminate odors from cigar smoke and other sources, has announced that it has entered into...
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Baka Gran Perfecto

Somewhere in your home, there may be photos of your family throughout the years. I’d venture to bet that those photos are not only cherished...
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