January 12, 2020

Tatuaje Teases TAA 2020

To no one’s surprise, there will be a Tatuaje TAA 2020. What is somewhat surprising is the packaging. Pete Johnson of Tatuaje posted a picture...
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Gurkha Nicaragua Series Toro

When it comes to looking at 2019 in the context of Gurkha, it seemed to be a transformative one for the company. At the beginning...
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Manitou Springs, Colo. Approves Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

Amidst a flurry of changes to the minimum age to purchase tobacco products in recent weeks, the city of Manitou Springs passed its own increase...
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Colorado Legislators Introduce Bill to Increase Tobacco Purchasing Age, Require Retail Licenses

While the minimum age to purchase tobacco products was increased to 21-years-old at the federal level in late December, a number of states have begun...
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