July 4, 2019

IPCPR 2019: Tatuaje

There is always a lot to talk about with Pete Johnson as far as new products are concerned. It’s not the overwhelming amount that comes...
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IPCPR 2019: Cavalier Genève

I’ve gotten intimately familiar with Cavalier Genève over the last 18 months because it’s one of the few cigar brands based in Dallas. Last year,...
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IPCPR 2019: A.J. Fernández

Last year, the A.J. Fernández booth produced smoke—or fire, I’m honestly not sure—that managed to set off the fire suppression system. That led to a...
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IPCPR 2019: Pier 28

Nestled in the Espinosa Premium Cigars booth is Pier 28, the line created by Tim Wong, a long-time cigar industry sales rep. The line is...
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IPCPR 2019: La Barba

I made it to La Barba on day four, which meant that some of the booth had already been taken down. While the company is...
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IPCPR 2019: Quesada

There are two new products front and center at the Quesada booth this year. One of which has been sold in the Spanish market and...
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Oregon Voters Likely to Decide Tobacco Tax Increase, Cigar Tax Would Double

Raising the tobacco tax rates in Oregon has been a priority of numerous legislators and the governor for some time now, though hesitancy to raise...
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IPCPR 2019: Fable

While I was at the RoMa Craft booth chatting with the various members of the NicaSueño family, I had a chance to chat with co-owner...
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