May 14, 2019

Texas House Approves Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase, Senate to Consider Amendments

The Tobacco 21 movement could soon have a seemingly unlikely state on board: Texas. On Tuesday, the Texas House of Representatives approved the second reading...
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RVGN Rauchvergnügen #64

In 2016, an interesting package showed up at the halfwheel office, as inside it were cigars called Rauchvergnügen. For better and worse, we frequently get cigars...
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St. Johnsbury, Vt. Bans Smoking and Tobacco Use on City Property

Smoking, vaping and the use of tobacco products will soon be coming to an end in St. Johnsbury, Vt., as on Monday the town’s select...
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Jas Sum Kral Creates Red Knight Figurado for Stogies With Friends

Stogies with Friends, a Facebook group, is celebrating its one year anniversary later this week and Jas Sum Kral has created a special cigar for the...
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Punch Short de Punch to Launch July 12 in Zurich

The latest vitola for the Cuban Punch marca will launch this July in Zurich, Switzerland. The distributor for the region, Intertabak A.G. has announced that...
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Mount Laurel, N.J. Bans Smoking in Parks

At its most recent meeting, the town council of Mount Laurel, N.J. unanimously approved an ordinance that will prohibit smoking at town parks and municipally-owned...
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Revamped Emilio AF1 & AF2 Released

Black Label Trading Co. has recreated the Emilio AF1 and AF2 with new blends and packaging—and now those cigars are heading to stores. The AF1...
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Mankato, Minn. Approves Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

Just about two years ago, city leaders in Mankato began discussing the idea of raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-years-old, and...
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