March 6, 2019

Viaje Cloudmaker, FOAB & MOAB Returning for 2019

For the first time since May 2014, Viaje’s Skull and Bones FOAB, MOAB and Cloudmaker are returning to stores. All three cigars are named after...
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Pier 28 Oscuro Perfecto

While there are hundreds of different sales representatives for many different cigar companies, few of those sales representatives can boast of having their own brand....
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AVO Improvisation LE19 Shipping March 22

It’s March, which means it’s time for the annual AVO limited edition. The long line of cigars, which was originally created to celebrate the birthday...
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Parsons, Kan. Removes Exemptions to Tobacco Purchasing Age Law

Yielding to requests made by retailers within the city, the Parsons City Commission voted 3-1 in favor of removing exemptions to its law that made...
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Frisco, Texas Approves Restaurant Smoking Rooms

You soon might be able to smoke at a restaurant in the Dallas suburb of Frisco. The North Texas city approved a change to its...
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Montgomery County, Md. Expands Smoking Ban

On Tuesday, the Montgomery County Council voted unanimously in favor of an expansion to its smoking ban that will prohibit smoking in the outdoor areas...
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