July 21, 2018

New Jersey Governor Signs Beach Smoking Ban

A bill that will make nearly every square inch of parks and beaches in the state of New Jersey smoke-free got the needed signature of...
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IPCPR 2018: DAV Cigars

One of the first-time exhibitors at this year’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, DAV Cigars is based in Washington, D.C. with a factory operation in...
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Tatuaje Ships 15th Anniversary

The quartet of cigars honoring Tatuaje’s 15th anniversary now heading to stores. Tatuaje began shipping its 15th Anniversary cigars this past week following their debut...
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IPCPR 2018: Royal Agio Cigars

Few companies seemed intent on a makeover quite like Royal Agio. While the company had its own booth last year, this was the first year...
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Honduras Appeals WTO’s Plain Packaging Ruling

This week, Honduras filed an appeal to the World Trade Organization’s panel report on the matter of Australia’s plain packaging requirement for tobacco products. Last...
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IPCPR 2018: Quality Importers

While Quality Importers has a number of products that merit checking out the booth on its own, it has most recently seemed to draw attention...
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IPCPR 2018: Top 3 Things – Brooks Whittington

If there is one question that I get asked the most during and after the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show every year, it is some...
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