May 15, 2018

Seven Things: What’s Next for Cigar Regulation After the D.C. Court Ruling

Today, arguably the cigar industry’s best hope for a reversal of FDA regulations went up in smoke. U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta ruled...
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J.C. Newman Relaunches “Save Cigar City” Campaign

Tampa’s largest and oldest remaining cigar factory has covered its famous sign and belltower for a cause. J.C. Newman Cigar Co. has relaunched its “Save...
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ACID Subculture Petra Returns as Tobacco Plus Exclusive

The ACID Petra is back. In the early years of Drew Estate’s infused cigar, the company created a long list of Subcultures, exclusive sizes for individual...
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Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder Lancero

Over the years, various cigar companies and charitable organizations have gone hand in hand and a new series of limited editions from Southern Draw Cigars...
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Ventura Cigar Co. Plans Special Cigar for Fathers, Friends and Fire Events

Next month, Ventura Cigar Co. will host events at 40 tobacconists around the country titled Fathers, Friends and Fire. This year, those events will include a...
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D.C. Court Rules in Favor of FDA in Cigar Regulation Lawsuit

The cigar industry has lost in a major court battle involving FDA regulations. U.S. District Court Judge Amit P. Mehta ruled in favor the U.S....
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Port Huron, Mich. Passes Parks and Beaches Smoking Ban

A proposed expansion to Port Huron’s existing smoking ban that will bring an end to the use of tobacco products and tobacco alternatives in the...
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CAO Estelí Arrives at Retail

The CAO Estelí has begun to arrive in stores, a full four months early than originally announced. When General Cigar Co., the parent of CAO,...
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Davidoff Wagner Limited Edition 2004 Returns for Vault Series

On Friday, the Davidoff Wagner Limited Edition 2004 will return as part of the company’s ongoing Vault Series. The 7 1/4 x 60 perfecto was...
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