April 18, 2018

Camacho Coyolar Returning

Camacho’s Coyolar will return. The brand was phased out in 2013 as part of Camacho’s big rebrand, but now it is set to return with the...
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Miguel Díaz-Canel Poised to Become Cuba’s New President

Cuba will soon have a new president, and for the first time in just over 41 years, it will not be someone with the last...
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La Flor Dominicana Special Football Edition 2018

Fly Eagles Fly. As I noted two years ago, I am an Eagles fan and as such, the above is rather relevant. Since 2015, La Flor...
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Emilio Grimalkin Returning in May

The cigar that put the Emilio brand on the map is coming back. Scott Zucca of Emilio Cigars and Boutiques Unified has announced that the...
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Dalay Zigarren Adds Affentanz for German Market

Dalay Zigarren, a German distributor with an associated retailer, has a new cigar under its Zauberberg label: Affentanz. Described as a German translation for “armed with monkeyness,” Affentanz...
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Aging Room Small Batch Pura Cepa to Debut in May (Update)

Aging Room will be releasing a new cigar next month, as the company has announced Pura Cepa, a name that means pure bred in Spanish. The...
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