February 2, 2018


If you’ve shopped for a XIKAR product in the last year or so, you’ve undoubtedly come across the phrase high performance. It’s a pair of...
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Caldwell Adds Porsche Design Distribution

Down&Back, LLC—the parent company of Caldwell Cigar Co.—is the new U.S. distributor for Porsche Design smoking accessories. The company says it will begin a “beta...
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Crowned Heads Signs With Brigham for Canadian Distribution

Crowned Heads is going to Canada. The Nashville-based cigar company has announced that it has signed an agreement with Brigham Enterprises, Inc. for Canadian distribution....
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Rocky Patel Adds Colibri V-Cut Colorways

There are five new colorways of the Colibri V-Cut, all featuring logos from Rocky Patel. The cigar company announced that it has begun offering three...
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