December 8, 2017

Why The Government Spending Bill Is Important to Cigars, An Explainer

Omnibus. Continuing Resolutions. Agriculture Bill. DACA. Freedom Caucus. Those things are all important to cigars. It’s the end of the year and as has become...
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Hirochi Robaina Denies Involvement With Burmese Tobacco Trading Co.

While news of a new venture called the Burmese Tobacco Trading Co. began circulating late Thursday night, one of the key players in the story...
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FDA Responds to Cigar Groups Motion for Summary Judgment

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has responded to a motion for summary judgment in the lawsuit brought on by three cigar trade groups...
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Aladino Maduro Rothschild

In one of the longest build-ups of a new cigar release in recent memory, news of JRE Tobacco’s new Aladino Maduro began to surface in...
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