October 24, 2017

Cherryville, N.C. Bans Smoking in Public Places

Cherryville, N.C. has banned smoking in publicly-owned buildings, city-owned grounds, parks, vehicles and most businesses. Smoking will still be allowed in “certain tobacco shops, premises...
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Caldwell & Booth Rename “The Truth” to “The T,” Ship Cigar This Week

At the 2017 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Robert Caldwell, Matt Booth & Abdel Fernández showed off a new project called The Truth. The name was...
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Tatuaje Tattoo Needles

In July, Tatuaje announced the latest cigar in its family of soft-packed petit coronas: Tattoo Needles. Much like the four petit coronas released before by...
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McAllen, Texas Passes Smoking Ban

A smoking ban passed Monday by the McAllen City Commission will bring an end to smoking in nearly all public areas in the south Texas...
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Colibri Ships Renamed Quantum Lighter

A few months ago, Colibri showed off a new all-in-one lighter/v-cutter called the Gotham that paired the company’s existing high performance triple-jet flame system and...
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