July 12, 2017

IPCPR 2017: Topper Cigar Company

Topper Cigar Company doesn’t have any new blends this year, but a line extension and new packaging are on the radar.A family owned company that...
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IPCPR 2017: Micallef Cigars

Micallef Cigars launched towards the end of last year with a number of blends, but this year they have a beautiful booth and are really...
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IPCPR 2017: What’s In My Bag — Brooks Whittington

Once again, it is time for What’s In My Bag, Brooks Whittington Edition. Quite a number of these items might look a bit familiar, it...
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IPCPR 2017: Gran Habano

Gran Habano, like many other manufacturers, had a flurry of releases last year. While that wasn’t the case this year, they did have something new...
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IPCPR 2017: We’re on Facebook Live — Day 2

Join us for a Facebook Live broadcast from the Davidoff booth on the IPCPR Trade Show floor before day two of the starts. The halfwheel team will...
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IPCPR 2017: Cornelius & Anthony

While its booth was the same as last year’s, Cornelius & Anthony was showing off two brand new lines as well as a line extension to one...
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IPCPR 2017: Day 1 Recap

If you speak to anybody that comes to this show, most will tell you their maximum enjoyment of being in Vegas is three or four...
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IPCPR 2017: MBombay

The MBombay booth is 100 percent bigger this year, but the company had only one new product for IPCPR 2017.That product is an addition to...
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IPCPR 2017: Tabacalera Falto

Tabacalera Falto was one of the companies that didn’t bring any new product to this year’s trade show, choosing instead to focus on existing products,...
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Contest: Davidoff Winston Churchill Ashtray

Day two and contest number two. Up for grabs today, courtesy of Davidoff of Geneva USA, is the new Winston Churchill ashtray. It’s a French...
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