June 9, 2017

Montecristo Dantés (EL 2016)

The Montecristo brand is in fact named after the novel, The Count of Monte Cristo.  It’s an adventure novel created by Alexandre Dumas, which was...
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Rocky Patel Shipping Vintage 2006 in August

There’s a new Rocky Patel Vintage line debuting this year, this time from Nicaragua. It’s called the Vintage 2006 San Andreas, yes San Andreas, not San Andrés. It uses...
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Royal Agio Cigars to Open U.S. Headquarters

Today, Royal Agio Cigars announced that it will be adding a new headquarters in the United States, with dedicated staff focused on strengthening its presence...
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Oliva Changes Facundo to Gilberto, Releasing New Line

On Monday, for the first time since 2012—arguably 2008—Oliva will release an entirely new brand. It’s called the Oliva Gilberto, named after the family’s patriarch, and...
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Lost&Found Ships Backdoor Bambi, El Suavesito in Boxes

Two new Lost&Found releases shipped this week to retailers, notably, in boxes. This marks a notable change for the project, which so far has released...
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AVO Syncro Nicaragua and Fogata Puritos Now Available

The AVO brand of cigars has gone small for its two newest releases, the AVO Syncro Nicaragua Puritos and AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata Puritos. Both...
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