April 7, 2017

Lujo Concepts BTX

Founded by partners Daniel Lance and Eric Domsch, Lujo Concepts announced its debut product, a new cutter last year with a design that was as interesting as it was...
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Hundreds of Thousands of Arturo Fuente Cigars Stolen

It what sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, Arturo Fuente has had a 40-foot shipping container full of cigars stolen. According to a statement...
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MLB Cigar Ventures Shipping Imperia Aventador

MLB Cigar Ventures has begun the widespread release of its latest cigar, shipping the Imperia Aventador to its accounts around the country this week. Michael Bellody...
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Gurkha Jubilee

As the cigar industry turned its eyes to the new year, in December 2016 Gurkha turned its eyes to the re-release of a cigar from...
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