March 28, 2017

Montana Tobacco Tax Increase Gets First Hearing Today (Update)

A bill in Montana to increase the tax on tobacco products will get its first hearing today after having been in the works since early...
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Rob Maneson Named New Head of JR Cigar

The old boss of JR Cigar was Rob. The new boss of JR Cigar is Rob. JR Cigar has named Rob Maneson as the new head...
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Maine Minimum Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase Proposed

The effort to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco has made its way to Maine. Today, L.D. 1170 was introduced, which would raise the...
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West Virginia Tobacco Tax Hike Proposed

West Virginia’s tax on cigars and other tobacco products could be increasing, again. Last July, the tax was increased from 7 to 12 percent of...
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