February 24, 2017

Procigar 2017: Day 4

The story they like to tell goes like this. A vice-rector of a Catholic university once visited a rural school in one of the most...
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Illusione Rothchildes CT

Illusione doesn’t release new cigar lines every day, let alone every month. Yet in 2016, spurred by the rapidly approaching FDA regulation, Dion Giolito’s company...
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Manuel Quesada 70th Announced

At today’s Procigar tour at the Quesada Cigars factory in the Dominican Republic, the company formally announced its newest release: Manuel Quesada 70th. The cigar is...
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Maya Selva Unveils Villa Zamorano Reserva

Bolstering its economically-priced Villa Zamorano line, Maya Selva Cigars has announced the release of the Villa Zamorano Reserva, which the company says uses a higher...
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