January 25, 2017

Puro Sabor 2017: Day 2

While there were plenty of cigars smoked on the second day of Puro Sabor 2017, the day was more about experiencing some of the Granada...
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Freyja Mjölnir

Sometimes things truly are just coincidence. In the case of the two most recent sizes in Las Cumbres Tabaco’s portfolio, José Blanco and Emma Viktorsson...
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Vertigo Excaliber

In the world of lighters and other cigar accessories, manufacturers seem to always be aiming for some perceived sweet spot where price, style and performance...
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TPE 2017: Day 0

Hello from Las Vegas. It’s the latest stop on my seemingly never-ending travel circus. I’m here for the 2017 Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE), which begins...
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Casper, Wyo. Won’t Loosen Smoking Ban

Tuesday night was a bad night for smokers and bar owners in Casper, Wyo. hoping to get the city’s smoking ban loosened up, as the...
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Vintage Rockefeller Cigar Group Sold to Kevin Schweitzer

Vintage Rockefeller Cigar Group, maker of the Rock-A-Feller brand of cigars, has a new owner, Kevin Schweitzer, president of Sea Crest Holding Group and a...
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Lane County, Ore. Revisits, Approves Parks Smoking Ban

It was just last November that the Lane County (Ore.) Commissioners rejected a proposed parks smoking ban out of concern for the 240 campgrounds it...
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