September 22, 2016

Michael Giannini Out at General Cigar Co.

The creative director and director of innovations of General Cigar Co. is out. halfwheel has learned that after over 16 years with General,[ref]Or at least the companies...
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Casa Magna Jalapa Claro Toro

At the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Quesada unveiled the first new Casa Magna release in five years.[ref]The first new nationally-related Casa Magna brand...
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Sonoma, Calif. Voters Could Expand Smoking Ban

As part of the upcoming election, voters in Sonoma, Calif. will be asked to consider Measure W, which seeks to drastically expand the city’s existing...
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Oxnard, Calif. Expands Smoking Ban

The city council of Oxnard, Calif. has voted to expand the city’s existing smoking ban to a number of additional public places as well as...
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FDA Increases Fines for Tobacco Retailer Violations

Not only are premium cigar retailers now subject to FDA compliance inspections, they will have to pay higher fines should they be violate the agency’s...
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