August 8, 2016

IPCPR 2016: Visol Products

Visol Products had many new products to debut at the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, including new lighters, cigar cases and even a few surprises that...
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IPCPR 2016: Topper Cigar Company

Topper Cigar Company rolled out one of the smaller booths on the floor, but they were right up on the front row, just to the left...
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IPCPR 2016: Villiger Cigars North America

Villiger’s booth was just as big this year as in the past, however there was one very key difference: they had nothing new to show off....
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IPCPR 2016: Whiff Out Industries

A booth we came across last year–and specifically sought out this year–is Whiff Out Industries. The company’s first product on the market was a deodorizing...
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Five Things: What the Aug. 8, 2016 FDA Date Means

Today, almost every cigar purchased in the U.S. will be sold in a manner much like they were sold on Sunday. And yet, today is...
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North Providence, R.I. Unanimously Passes Parks Smoking Ban

The town of North Providence, R.I. has a new ban on smoking in parks and playgrounds after the town council unanimously approved the proposal at...
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